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We believe that when you put your money into something, you should have the power to make it work for you. Cointrade was founded on the idea that we can give this power to you through cryptocurrency. We want to be your go-to resource for buying and selling cryptocurrencies or crypto trading so that you can make a choice about how you want to invest and grow your wealth. We have a passion for giving our users this kind of control over their assets and helping them move beyond traditional financial systems.
Our Vision is to make Crypto transactions & services easy and safe with our crypto trading platform. We are devoted to offering compliance, dependability, security, customer service, and delivering a smooth user Interface to create trust through Cointrade. Our Mission is to promote financial freedom for everyone.  Trading on Cointrade is as simple as 1.2.3.
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  • Download the Cointrade App Download our mobile app from the Play Store for Android users and from App Store for iOS users.
  • Complete your KYC Complete your KYC in under 5 minutes with just your PAN Card, Aadhar & a Selfie.
  • Trade One tap and you’re all set to trade in multiple cryptocurrencies

The reason why ‘NOW’ is the right
time to invest in Cryptocurrency?

The reason why ‘NOW’ is the right time to invest in Cryptocurrency?

Exponential Growth

The exponential rise in the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies suggests that the future of Crypto is bright.

Great alternative for passive income and asset building

Trusted by 70M+ traders globally, well-known banks, institutional and credible investors, and hedge funds. Also, now legal in India!

Incredible Results!

Bitcoin became the most lucrative choice of investors by giving huge returns of up to 300% + in 2020. And that’s not it! - The crypto returns are surpassing gains from average investment options by a significant percentage.

Become a crypto trader in seconds & we’ve got everything you need to start trading.

Buy & Sell Crypto

Buy or sell bitcoin ethereum and other crypto assets with your 
credit card, debit card, or bank account.

Earn Rewards for Trading

Never miss an opportunity for a little competition. Join our Latest
campaigns to earn rewards.

Why Cointrade?

One Tap Buy & Sell

Say goodbye to complicated app designs. Trading here is simple and seamless.

Best in class Portfolio Tracking

Keep track of your super-dynamic portfolio - Anytime. Anywhere.

100% Secure and Fast

Experience ‘ 0 safety threats and 100% privacy’ along with swift trading & transfers.

Super affordable for all

We do not put extra weight on your pockets with a hefty trading fee. We believe in making crypto affordable for all. Also, we bring you - 0 charges on deposit and withdrawal.

24X7 Customer Assistance

Anytime you need us, we are here. So trade carefree with almost no hassles!

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Excellent customer service and support. I am extremely satisfied with the level of customer service provided at CoinTrade.


App user

Very easy to operate and trade Crypto currencies on the App.


App user

I am associated with CoinTrade since long. Their web and app platform are easy to work with. Also, their customer support is very prompt.


App user

Trade Hassle-free and Globally with Cointrade!

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Trade Hassle-free and
Globally with Cointrade!

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the latest crypto market updates.


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Cryptocurrency is a digital asset which doesn’t have a central authority and runs on blockchain technology. There are more than 20000+cryptocurrencies out there. Bitcoin was the first one to be launched.

Cryptocurrencies are not illegal and no law in India makes buying or selling cryptocurrencies illegal. However, India does not have a regulatory framework to govern cryptocurrencies as of now.

Since the year 2020, billions of Indians have tried with cryptocurrencies, and with the number going up every day, India looks excited for the crypto revolution. The government is also actively trying to set up a regulatory framework for its smooth functioning, the recent MCA amendment being the first step.

Cointrade has simplified Crypto for Indians, you can download our Android and iOS app to begin trading in Crypto with just ₹100

Unlike other Crypto exchanges, Cointrade pools liquidity from leading Crypto exchanges in India and globally to enable users to trade in Crypto at the best rate.

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