Crypto trading platform – CoinTrade is India’s most reputable Bitcoin and alt coins trading platform. CoinTrade has made crypto transactions more simple with a user friendly trading interface, Instructional materials and providing  24*7 Customer Support. 

We have lightning fast software for our investors that makes it more simple and easy to Buy and Sell. Anyone from anywhere across the globe can Buy, Sell and Trade Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin and can avail all the top altcoins at the best price. 

CoinTrade – The crypto trading platform gives easy access to BUY & SELL in just a single click, Provides best in class Portfolio tracking Option for Investors across India. We also provide the most competitive pricing in the industry by not charging any Deposit & Withdrawal Fee on every transaction.

CoinTrade aims to create a crypto trading platform that makes Financial Transactions more equitable, accessible, efficient and transparent for all Investors from anywhere in the world should be able to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency.

CoinTrade as crypto trading platform:

We Provide reliable and simple to use platforms for gaining access to the Biggest Cryptocurrency Market and also providing a platform where individuals may think of future investment. CoinTrade’s vision is to make Crypto Transactions & Services easy and safe for our investors.

We believe that when you put your money into something, you should have the power to make it work for you. Cointrade – the crypto trading platform was founded on the idea that we can give this power to you through cryptocurrency. We want to be your go-to resource for buying and selling cryptocurrencies so that you can make a choice about how you want to invest and grow your wealth. We have a passion for giving our users this kind of control over their assets and helping them move beyond traditional financial systems.

Our Vision is to make Crypto transactions & services easy and safe with our crypto trading platform. We are devoted to offering compliance, dependability, security, customer service, and delivering a smooth user Interface to create trust through Cointrade. Our Mission is to promote financial freedom for everyone. 

 Trading on Cointrade is as simple as 1.2.3.

  Here you go!
  • Download the Cointrade App Download our mobile app from the Play Store for Android users and from App Store for iOS users.
  • Complete your KYC Complete your KYC in under 5 minutes with just your PAN Card, Aadhar & a Selfie.
  • Trade One tap and you’re all set to trade in multiple cryptocurrencies