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1.  Crypto Traders       2. Crypto Analysts       3. Digital Marketing       4. Content Writer       5. Brand Manager       6. Graphic Designer

Get in touch with us, and we’ll do all we can to ensure that you succeed professionally.

We devote a strong focus on developing an environment that enables employees to be their most productive selves and also provides a platform for them to engage in professional activities that they most like doing. The culture of CoinTrade places a premium on fostering high cognitive and emotional quotient in its employees. It is very common to see teams engaged in intense brainstorming, debating, and creating solutions to problems of daily life.  

We are quite selective about who we accept into our family, and we expect them to have extraordinary skills and a big heart. We can maintain our position at the forefront of technological advancement and forge enduring bonds thanks to this very thing.

As we construct an Ace team by recruiting the most talented individuals the industry has to offer and providing them with perks, we make sure that they get nothing but the very best.

At the same time, it is also very common to see the same team members focused and dedicated to their individual work. On another day, you might see them coming together to enjoy some light moments together.

We work hard to cultivate an atmosphere that allows our staff members to develop both individually as well as collectively a Single unit.

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CoinTrade is growing as a family of crypto believers and crypto traders. We are blazing new trails in world’s crypto and fintech industries by providing the most informed, educated, and satisfying customers.

Interested in joining our growing team? Please apply to the relevant role among our current openings or send us an email at

As a result of our talent acquisition team screening CVs, we shortlist profiles that align with your expertise and match the role with your skills.

You will be notified if an assessment is required for a role you have applied for, as different roles have different requirements.

We will interview you in one or more of the following ways- in person, online, or over the phone- to discuss the expectations of the role and your experience for the role.

In the end, the decision will be conveyed directly to you by our team.

Offerings and Onboarding: We look forward to welcoming you to the CoinTrade with open hearts and immense pleasure. We will assist you throughout your onboarding journey thanks to our HR Ops team.