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If you would ask someone in India to invest in cryptocurrencies a few years back, you would most likely get a negative response. But now, the perception of cryptocurrency has changed in India at an exponential rate. India is rapidly adopting cryptocurrencies in their various forms to become one of the fastest-growing crypto markets.

Due to such a fast adoption of cryptocurrencies, Governments and Businesses are moving fast to understand and adapt to this new way of exchange. It is great to see such a positive change and its unfolding in India in various ways.

India’s crypto market increased over six times between 2020 and 2021.

It is projected to grow even more this year with NFTs and Web 3.0 projects gaining more awareness among the population. It is a great opportunity for India to level up the playing field with other countries. During the web 1.0 and web 2.0 revolution India was late but this time there is quick access to the internet for everyone. Thus, making it possible for Indians to be in the web3 race with the same start line as the world.

Government Regulations Over Cryptocurrencies

Meanwhile, we are also seeing crypto being taken seriously by the government.

The government was adamant about banning cryptocurrencies, but now they are more toward regulating them. The huge adoption and potential of cryptocurrencies have made the government reconsider its stance. They come up with a 30% tax on capital gains on crypto assets.

The government and the general public face the same problem concerning crypto and that is — the crypto market is constantly evolving. In such a case, it becomes hard to regulate it. We shifted from crypto coins to NFTs in just a single year.

Even after such rapid advancements, businesses are trying their best to leverage the crypto market in India.

Businesses Are Adapting Rapidly

Business in India knows the potential cryptocurrencies hold and that they are applying it in various aspects. All the venture capitalists are also bullish on projects that are using blockchain to solve relevant problems.

We are also seeing a sharp rise of people coming up with their NFT projects and building products over a blockchain. Polygon is one example of a project leveraging the Ethereum blockchain.

Big names like TCS and Tech Mahindra are also providing Metaverse services that will increase the use-cases of blockchain and crypto tokens over time.

CoinTrade And Its Vision

The biggest problem people face while getting into crypto is that they are too concerned about security. The uncertainty around their hard-earned money stops them from investing in cryptocurrencies.


With priority given to protecting the individual, CoinTrade is a crypto Platform to make crypto transactions more equitable, accessible, efficient, and transparent. It will help individuals get started with cryptocurrencies without any worries and create an easy environment for existing holders.

The future of cryptocurrencies is bright in India, and there is no reason for you to not give it a chance. With CoinTrade, you can trade in crypto the easiest way possible.

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