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Talking about features of blockchains, Blockchains has a distributed, encrypted database that records data. In a distributed ledger, a transactional record is incorporated into a block, and all records in the database are linked simultaneously through hashing. Once users create records, a group of computers verify them and pair them up with the preceding record. The transactions in this database are safeguarded by sophisticated cryptographic algorithms, and the state of the network of the blockchain is kept through consensus algorithms.

The technology promises to transform the way we purchase and sell items, exchange data, and confirm the authenticity of information. Because of its capacity to do all this efficiently, transparently and securely, Blockchain is gradually being accepted by all kinds of domains including individual and business to the government.

Since the start of the technology, blockchain has been in the spotlight actively. Though there are mixed feelings toward this technology, no one can ignore its role in global economics.

Features of Blockchains

In this guide, we’ll explore a little more about the features of blockchains.

Here are a few of the most important features :


The blockchain operates differently from a typical banking system. The blockchain is maintained by nodes instead of centralized authorities. The digital ledger is a copy of every node on the system. In order to add a transaction, each node must verify its validity. It is added to the ledger if a majority deems it valid. As a result, it is transparent and corruption-proof.

The ledger cannot be updated without the consent of a majority of nodes. In addition, a key feature of blockchain is that once the transaction blocks are added to the ledger, it is impossible to change them. The user will be unable to edit, delete, or update it. it is one of important features of blockchains.


Decentralization refers to the absence of any governing authority or single administrator. Decentralized networks are maintained by a group of nodes.

Blockchains technology is based on this concept. Blockchain provides a simple environment for users. We can directly access the system from the web as it requires no governing authority so we can store our digital assets there.

Crypto and its important documents, contracts, and other digital assets can be stored in the cloud. Using your private key, you can have direct control over them using the blockchain. Therefore, the decentralized structure gives the people back their rights and powers over their assets.

Enhanced Security-

As the network does not have a central authority, no one can just change the characteristics to their advantage. Security is further enhanced with encryption. What makes it so much more secure than already existing technologies?

Well, it offers a special disguise — Cryptography. The addition of cryptography to decentralization adds another layer of user protection. In order to prevent attacks on cryptography, complex mathematical algorithms are used.

Distributed Ledgers-

Public ledgers usually provide all the details about a transaction and its participant. You can’t hide anything in them. Even though private or federated blockchains are different.

The ledger, however, still allows many people to see what really happens. It’s because all users on the network maintain the ledger. In this way, the computers pooled their computing power to deliver an optimal outcome. That’s why blockchains are considered vital. An efficient ledger system can always compete with traditional ones.

Potential Scams to Watch Out in blockchains technology

To avoid pitfalls and scams in the crypto market, its important to know what to watch out for. This can be challenging as there are many different websites you might stumble across with their own stories about which cryptocurrency is best to buy and what trends are trending on google. Here are a few of the most common scams to watch out for:
-Fee Hacking Scams – Watch out for shady looking ICOs that promise free transactions but ask for your credit card information upfront. -Scam Social Media Accounts – Make sure to research any social media account you’re following before following it or interacting with it. A lot of accounts will offer crypto giveaways only to try to get your personal information from you later on. -Pump and Dump Groups- In order to join these groups, they typically require one trade that costs thousands of dollars in fees. These groups then turn around and sell all their coins at once driving the price down causing an even bigger loss for those who took part in the trade


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