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Globally, thousands
traders rely on us

Transact in a
secure manner

No hidden costs

One-click buying
and selling

Associated Risks

The Crypto market stands to be a very competitive market and has the scope of loss in the investments done. One must study well before investing on crypto for optimal results.

We aim to protect your hard earned money with the best secure payment gateways for the best returns!

Terms & Conditions

  • Cryptocurrencies under Earn may have different interest rates.

  • During the term of the program, the coins/digital assets placed by the User with Cointrade may be placed by Cointrade with a third party. Accordingly, the user expressly consents and authorizes Cointrade to conduct the required activities through a third party, enabling Cointrade to act as it deems appropriate within the Earn program.

  • All Users must comply with the Terms of Use. Further, all breaches of the Terms of Use shall be treated as breaches of these terms and conditions, and Cointrade shall have the right to take appropriate deductions or take any other action it deems fit.

  • As a result, the User declares that he or she owns the tokens/digital assets deposited under Earn and agrees to provide the requisite information from time to time, in order to support and validate this claim.

  • Crypto tokens and virtual digital assets have the potential to experience price volatility, and users acknowledge and understand that tokens under Earn have been deployed after a thorough understanding and evaluation of the product and associated risks.

  • Tokens deployed under Earn are subject to the rate of return that is in effect at the time Earn is initiated. Periodically, rates will be revised.

  • Upon registering on Cointrade, the User must complete their Know Your Customer (KYC) formalities along with any other procedures mandated by Cointrade, if any.

  • The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to delay, block, or cancel any rewards under Earn, whether they have been declared or not, in the event that a User has been rewarded under Earn (whether erroneously or otherwise). Rewards, virtual digital assets/tokens, or a user’s INR wallet balance cannot be withdrawn unless full KYC is completed by the user.

  • If the user opts out of Earn before the minimum tenor has been reached, then he or she will not be eligible to receive any rewards under this program.

  • Earn terms, eligibility criteria, and payouts are subject to change at Cointrade’s sole discretion and without prior notification.

  • Users understand and agree that it may be necessary for the Earn product to undergo regulatory scrutiny or the terms of the Earn product may be affected by changes in applicable laws or imposition of any restrictions by any government body or statutory regulator. Any applicable law or directive(s) of an authority may cause Cointrade to discontinue the product, including without limitation, the distribution of rewards. In this regard, Cointrade and its affiliates are not responsible for distributing the rewards promised to the User.

  • Cointrade and its affiliates, at all times, agree to indemnify and hold harmless the User for any loss, claims, damages, liabilities, or costs incurred as a result of any breach of these terms and conditions.

  • Any offer under Earn may be revoked by Cointrade at any time.

  • Earn waiting list users are eligible for referral rewards if they are registered with Cointrade and have registered for referral rewards. Upon registering for Earn, the referrer receives their unique invite code. In order to be referred, a user must be invited to the Earn waitlist via the referrer and then register with Cointrade.