The popularity of cryptocurrency has been increasing in India since 2009. To trade and invest in digital currencies, many Indians are willing to restore to cryptocurrency exchanges. Hence, they are looking for the top cryptocurrency app in India. The top cryptocurrency apps in India act as a platform for selling and buying cryptocurrencies and exchanging them into fiat currencies such as the U.S. dollar (USD) and Indian rupee (INR).

In this article, let’s know the factors that are to be considered for India’s top cryptocurrency trading platform in 2023.

How to know whether the cryptocurrency platform is legitimate and secure?

Doing the research and checking the background of India’s top cryptocurrency trading platform helps you to confirm its legitimacy.

It is best to follow points while checking the legitimacy and security of the cryptocurrency trading platform: 

  • Check the security measures.
  • Know about the platform’s liquidity and trading volume.
  • Check whether the crypto funds and deposits have insurance backup or not.
  • Get to know about the withdrawal limits of the cryptocurrency trading platform.

Does the cryptocurrency trading platform accept bank transfers or credit cards?

Yes, the top cryptocurrency app in India accepts bank transfers and credit cards via IMPS and NEET facilities. If you want to avail yourself of this facility, it is essential that you connect your cards to your profile or account.

What are the advantages of keeping assets on the cryptocurrency trading platform?

Crypto trading platforms are one of the secure ways of storing your digital currencies. They facilitate the crypto trading of other currencies for NFTs, fiat currencies, and crypto assets.

What are the risks associated with trading, buying, and selling cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are volatile as they are not centralized and regulated assets like others. They are prone to cybersecurity threats and vulnerable to hacking risks. Hence, it is important to trade using top cryptocurrency apps in India, such as CoinTrade.

What is the main difference between a cryptocurrency trading platform and a crypto brokerage?

Cryptocurrency trading platforms and crypto brokerage are not the same. The cryptocurrency trading platform aims to provide different types of digital currencies to invest in or trade. Also, it has various features such as leveraged trading, margin trading, staking, derivatives, and other instruments like NFT and DeFi marketplace. In contrast, the crypto brokerage acts as a mediator between the cryptocurrency markets and traders to sell and buy cryptos. It also helps the users in placing crypto bets.

Are cryptocurrency trading platforms allowed in India?

In India, dealing and trading in cryptocurrency is legal under any provision of law. According to certain regulations, cryptocurrency trading platforms are allowed to do their operations in India.

What is meant by crypto wallet?

Crypto wallets are also known as digital wallets as it also plays a vital role in storing cryptocurrencies securely. Users can easily hold the wallet using a crypto trading app. He can also have a hot or online wallet connected to his mobile phone or desktop PC. There is another wallet called a cold wallet that can connect via the internet for storing cryptocurrencies. The main difference between cold storage and hot storage is that, in cold storage, the user has to remember the private keys for cryptos.


If you are in search of the top cryptocurrency apps in India, explore CoinTrade. You easily make crypto transactions with just a click. The other features of CoinTrade include 100% fast and secure, 24*7 customer support, and tracking of your portfolio easily. Contact us if you want to know how to trade using the CoinTrade app.


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